Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heading North

This morning I'll be going to Sheboygan County to fish the Onion River.  A friend's report says the action on the surface is pretty good. 
I always make these hand drawn color coded maps
for streams I've never fished.

This past weekend,  that same friend, plus another, and I went out to Waukesha County to fish Rosenow Creek.  I hadn't been there in about a month, and now it is almost unfishable. 

walking through this was rough

The grass is armpit high, and with the rain we got overnight, it felt like we were wading well before we even saw the stream.  Despite the rain, Rosenow runs clear yet again.  This creek is resilient in that way, it rebounds very quickly.  Then there are the weeds.  The creek was so full of them, I don't know how the fish can swim in there.  Despite all this, there were still fish caught. 

His first brook trout

Pretty fish

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