Saturday, June 8, 2013

Striking Gold in Washington Park

Another early Saturday morning impromptu fishing trip to Milwaukee's Washington Park Pond.  This time I knew right were to go to catch fish.  My first fish was a beautiful goldfish with black markings.  It took a worm suspended about 18" below my Voltorb bobber.

After the goldfish, I took the bobber off and caught a few bullhead.  I lost count, but i'd say between five and ten.  None were all that big, the biggest one is the one pictured below

Then there was this goldfish that looked just like its ancestor, the Prussian carp.

This goldfish had stunning colors and beautiful white markings.  He was quite a scrapper too.  The goldfish were the hardest fighting fish of the day, and they're tricky too. they tease your bait, and then they make a run for it.

Finally, I caught a perch,  Not a big one by any standard, but it's good to know they're in there.

My little girl called all the fish "pretty pretty" and told them all "bye bye" when they swam away.  She almost touched one of the bullhead, but wasn't too sure about it.

I'm yet to catch a rainbow trout out of the pond.  I know they're in there, and some of them get to be a nice size too.  I've seen seagulls swoop down and pick them from the surface, and i've seen more than one dead fish on the shore.  I'll keep trying.

Washington Park Pond

Achievements Unlocked

  1. (*) It's Super Effective! (catch a fish under a Voltorb bobber)
  2. (*) Pond Lord (catch a game fish [perch])

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