Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Slow Summer

I hardly fished at all this summer.  The early summer rains swelled the streams to unfishable coffee flows early in the season, and life got in the way.  When I did make it out, the time spent was usually short and I was greeted by the skunk.  I did have a great time fishing in Michigan on the annual trip.  Here is a highlight reel.

Big rock bass

my smallest fish

Dad setting the hook in the background.

This bass had taken both mine and
my dad's lures!


 One of the nicer fish of the week.

I only made in into the Milwaukee twice this summer.  I caught a couple fish both times

My happiest day fishing was just a couple weeks ago.  In the Menomonee, I had a light hit on a scud, so I set the hook.  I gave my rod to Cleo after I was sure she could handle it, and I let her bring it in.

Isn't she the cutest little thing?  Of course I filmed it.

Sorry it's been months again, I still don't have regular computer access.  I'll try to post more regularly.  I'm feeling like the salmon are going to run very soon!