Friday, January 4, 2019

Top Ten Albums of 2018

Every year I talk about wanting to make a list of my favorite albums of the year, but I never do.  I kept this simple, didn't actually write any reviews, just the artist, the album, and tried to find a video of  my favorite track.  If there wasn't a video, I used the YouTube audio.  I also made a Spotify playlist if you would like to listen to these albums, there will be a link at the end of this post.

10. Deafheaven, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

9. Yob, Our Raw Heart

8. Behemoth, I Loved You At Your Darkest

7. Sumac, Love in Shadow

6. Hate Eternal, Upon Desolate Sands

5. Infernal Coil, Within a World Forgotten

4. Scientist, Barbelith

3. Sleep, The Sciences

2. Pig Destroyer, Head Cage

1. Hamferð, Támsins Likam

May 2019 bring you plenty of fish!

2018 best albums playlist!

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