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I have been fishing for most of my life, but fishing always took the back burner to other hobbies.  Music, photography and video games were always a big competitor with fishing time, and I still enjoy those activities a lot.  But then one day in June of 2011, my wife told me we were having a baby!

Living in a small apartment in Milwaukee is not the best place to practice playing guitar, and, despite what the natives of this town say, there is no music scene here.  The music scene in West Michigan is amazing, and I miss it, but the fishing is better here in Wisconsin.  Once our little girl was born, creating "music" in my one man experimental project slowed to a trickle.

Making music was my creative outlet, even if nobody else listened at all.  I need to do something creative -- My wife started writing a blog and had a lot of fun with it -- I decided to start writing a blog as well, but about what?  I thought about reviewing albums or films, or blogging random thoughts.

Eventually I realized I have a unique perspective on fishing.  I'm not the typical Midwest fisherman with a huge inventory of gear.  I'm a huge nerd, my gear is very limited, and I'm kind of a n00b when it comes to fly fishing, but I fish a lot.  I read somewhere that the average fisherman goes out fishing five times a year.  There has definitely been weeks where I have went fishing five times.  Usually it is just in local streams or ponds, but with family in both Minnesota and Michigan, I fish in both of those states whenever we make a trip home.

I feel that my experiences fishing with what I have, and my ability to find fish in water others would have thought to be unfishable could be useful to others who are interested in fishing, but don't know where to start, especially in the Milwaukee area.  People seem to be surprised when I tell them about smallmouth bass fishing in the Milwaukee River, salmon fishing in the Menomonee, or fishing for big brown trout in the shadow of the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum.  I just have to fish when I find a body of water, I have to know if there are fish in there!

If you are looking to fish in the Milwaukee area, you should leave a message here, or send an email to whatthekarp@gmail.com so we can set something up.  I won't promise you'll catch fish, but you'll have fun!

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