Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bass Fishing in Michigan

A couple weeks ago, we headed to a cottage in Michigan's Lower Peninsula to do some fishing in Magician Lake.  The weather has been weird, and the fishing wasn't as great as it has been before, but it's more about time with family.

The first trip out in the boat was the most productive.  It was just me and my Dad, and we both landed some nice largemouth.

We brought some local
Milwaukee Beer

These little tan caddisflies were everywhere

We went out early Friday, and we both caught fish right away.  I caught my largest fish, and sort of a surprising species on this particular outing.  It was a bullhead measuring just shy of 15" on a Rat'L Trap.  I think it was a brown bullhead.

Awesome double header

Bullhead will bite you!

The crazy thing is that this isn't even my biggest bullhead.
I caught an 18" black bullhead in 2007

Sunfish on a Bugger!
A Hex hatch was happening somewhere

A gorgeous Michigan day
Friday night we had a fire on the beach, cooked smores, and caught up over some beers.  We all still made it to bed pretty early.

Saturday morning, my dad, brother and I went out one more time before packing up.  Neither Shane or I caught any fish, but Dad caught a couple nice bass.

Little Cleo loved riding in grandpa's boat
Grandpa and my Little Cleo

All the fish we caught were released.  The weather was just perfect the whole time we were there.  I  can't wait to go back next year!

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