Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just Like Old Times

Back in Michigan, I'd go fishing with Josh just about every weekend-- and possibly one or two days during the week after work.  The economy did bad things and we chased dreams in different directions.  Me and my wife went west to Wisconsin.  He, south to Tennessee.  For only the second time in about six years our paths were one in the same for a few days.

We had big plans of spending an entire day on the water, starting at a trout stream, hitting some smallmouth water, and possibly hitting the harbor.  In the end, we were able to scrape up just about 3 hours to fish on Independance Day-- we headed to the Milwaukee River for some smallmouth action.

Josh hasn't fished since he moved out of Michigan, but he got right back into the swing of things by landing a smallmouth on his first cast!  He also caught a crappie, the first one I'd seen out of there. I think he landed one other bass and lost some others, all on curly tail grubs.

Six years between casts

Small crappie

I was more concerened with putting my guest on the fish, but I did manage to land one nice smallmouth and miss several others.  This fish put quite a bend in my 5wt, it's probably the biggest fish I've caught on my new rod.

The water is still high, fast, and dirty from the unusual amounts of rain we got throughout the month of June.  The current almost swept me off my feet more than once.  The fishing should get much better as the water comes down.

On another note, Saturday, I picked up a new toy at a yard sale .  I have to do some research to see exactly what I got, but i'm pretty excited about it.

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