Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An Interesting Yard Sale Find

I picked up this old fiberglass fly rod at a yard sale.  The guy was asking $15.00 but I haggled him down to $10.00.  It is a Martin Reel Company 9 foot 9 weight, 2 piece rod. 

I think the owner did some rebuilding by moving up the reel seat  on the blank and adding a grip below it to make a switch rod or Spey style rod.  But it's only 9 foot.  That is an unusual length for a switch or a Spey.

I cannot find any information on this model number online.  It isn't a wonderfully built rod, but it should be worth the money.

I took it out on the Menomonee river last Friday with my 4/5 weight reel just to play with it. This rod is heavy!  My arm was tired just from carrying it down to the river.  I caught a couple bluegill on nymphs.  My little girl kissed one of them.  It was pretty cute.



I am excited to try this rod out with some rough fish, or during the salmon run.  Maybe I can run across a cheap old 9 weight reel to pair it with.  that would be perfect.


  1. If both of the halves are equal length, I would have my doubts that the original owner did any reconfiguring. I've seen some older fiberglass in heavy weights with large fighting butts. I wouldn't call it a spey rod, just an oversized fighting butt. It's a pretty awesome find, and what a great deal you got. Can't wait to see what you catch with it.

    1. a large fighting butt, huh? Thanks for that information. I till wish Icould find some info on it, like an approximate age an such.