Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eventful Saturday Morning

The past few weekends, I'd made it a goal to look at a couple trout streams I hadn't fished before.  This morning, I visited three.  Two new, one I'd fished before, but with no success.  The first was Coco Creek.  I looked at three separate places without fishing any of them.

The next stream was Mason Creek.  On my way to the stream, I saw many turkeys, geese, and sandhill cranes.  I love getting out of the city and seeing a little bit of wildlife.  Not too far from where the next pulloff was, I spotted a big dead roadkill turkey.  I continued on to one overpass, it looks tight and technical.  The next one is a little more open, but I think it flows through private property.  Maybe I'll wade it someday, but not today

I had to backtrack a little to get to my final destination.  On the way, I pulled off by the turkey.  Very dead, but still whole.

Those tail feathers were in beautiful shape, and to buy them, they might run up to $5.00 apiece.  I gleaned the roadkill of seven beautiful feathers for fly tying.  It would have been a crime not to in my opinion.

Now on to Rosenow Creek.  Thrice skunked, yet I return.  I was the only car there again, I made my way downstream.  Right away, I started seeing the occasional shadow of fish darting from cover and disappearing in the shadows, but no takes on my Bugger.  I tried some nymphs, still nothing.  I made it about as far as I could go before crossing the stream on downed trees piled up at the widest point, then headed back.  There were some really promising looking spots I just couldn't get to on the north bank.  I lost my scud in a tree, and tied on a bigger streamer.  I dapped it in along an undercut bank, and finally a fish darted out and took it, and quickly came ashore.

It's too bad my camera didn't have time to focus for that picture.  It was a beautiful fish, it felt like holding a handful of emeralds, speckled with occasional sapphires, rubies, and garnet.  Here is another shot from my phone.

The brook trout fell for one of my Black Barbers, how cool is that?  The sun really shone brightly from the red holo tinsel.

This is my first brook trout.  It is also my first fish on my new fly rod, and my first wild trout on a hand tied fly.  

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