Friday, February 22, 2013

The Black Barber

Hook: size 10 Wooly bugger
Thread: black
Tail: black marabou
Body: black chenille
Rib: red holo tinsel
Wing: black marabou
Eyes: two links of dog tag chain

I wanted to call it something related to my profession, as is the case with the Coachman, which evolved into the Royal Coachman.

Phlebotomy's roots lay in bloodletting, which was performed by barbers, and the white and red striped barber's pole has all kinds of symbolic meaning related to blood and surgery.

I was torn between calling it the Bloodletter, or the Black Barber.  I asked my wife which she liked better, she said she'd call it Fluffybuns.  I already let her name the Flashy Pants, I don't think we need a Fluffybuns.  Black barber wins because of its resemblance to a barber's pole.

Sorry for the history lesson, I'm a nerd.

Click here for a video!

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