Monday, March 25, 2013

New Gear

I have been meaning to write about my new fly rod for a while now.  I replaced my broken Cabela's rod with an Echo Solo 9' 5wt 4 piece rod and reel combo from The Fly Fishers.  The rod comes in a soft pouch that fits into a hard carry case, and The Fly Fishers fits the reel with backing and Airflow standard line.  The rod comes with a lifetime warranty too, at less than $130.00, this is a great deal!  I haven't really done a lot of long casting with it because I've only been fishing tiny trout streams with it so far.  I have done some really nice roll casting though.

I also picked up a new fly box.  I had been cramming all my favorite flies into one box, and bringing a larger box with dividers with me whenever I went out, so I could return and replenish my dwindling stock.  My new box opens on each side and holds quite a few flies. I seriously need to tie more flies to fill my boxes now.

Nymphs and wet flies on this side

Dry flies on the other

My old streamer box that I used to pile everything into

One more piece of equipment I won in a giveaway from GET EM WET.  It's a wrist lanyard that you attach your nippers to.

I'd use it all the time, if I could get it away from my Little Cleo.


  1. lol I am so glad she's likes it! Im glad you're happy with the echo, I have some friends who are affiliated with them and they say some great things even though they don't have to

    1. for the money, i don't think you can get a better deal. I hope to upgrade to an Echo Ion reel when I can, but I've been quite pleased with the Solo Reel. Keep your eyes open for a package coming as soon as I get enough time to put it together!