Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Ides of March

Monday 3-15-10  11:00 pm

I went fishing today, it has been quite warm lately.  My first choice was still frozen over, so I ended up going way out in Veteran's Memorial Park.  The rain and meltoff has clouded the water considerably.  The lake appeared slightly milky.
I found a spot on the rocks and started casting crankbaits.  After some considerable time I was getting cold and decided to cast a final time.  I had on a Storm Wiggle Wart or something like that.  It had rattles, and dove rather deeply.  I retrieved very slowly, and about ten feet out I had a tremendous bite!  The fish shook violently from side to side, then my line broke!  I was pissed, my line had gotten brittle...  Damn Spider line mono filament, I'm switching back to Yo-Zuri Hybrid.
After the fish broke off, it came rolling to the surface in an attempt to throw the hook, It was, as near as I could tell, by the large black spots on what appeared to be an olive background (I have trouble with the color, the sun was setting) it looked to be a brown trout up to 30" long!  My mind probably made it that big in the rush of adrenalin following the bite, it was probably closer to 24", still nothing to be disappointed in.
I later had a light hit on a lure I made from a fruit spoon, or some strange utensil.  The treble hook I put on it was too small to find a home buried in the flesh and bone of the curious fish.  I swapped out the hook for a larger one from a different, less useful lure.  I fished until about ten after six, then came home.

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