Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blood and Needles, Paper and Ink

     I start my new job tomorrow.  Things will probably be hectic for the next couple weeks, but I'm working on some stuff so I can continue updating regularly.
     I found a journal that I had written in since 2010 with some fun fishing stories in it.  I had another one-- a Moleskine one-- that went back a few years, but I lost it.  I had labeled it with my address and everything, and updated it every time we moved, but then on the Reward line, I crossed out Reward, and wrote "Punishment," then I filled in the blank with "HARSH JUDGEMENT."  I guess it's no surprise I never got it back.
     Anyway, I'll be transferring some stories from my hand written journal to my blog.  They will be mostly fishing related, but probably not entirely.
     I'm also working on a giveaway that will be coming up in the next couple weeks.  Keep checking back for more information.

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