Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tiny Flies

I took some time Monday (my birthday) to tie up some size 20 Elk Hair Caddis flies.  These are the smallest flies I've tied.

I tied ten, that should last me a while.


  1. Not an easy job to do on a size #20, I might add. Good job! My ol' eyes have trouble seeing something that small. Again, kudo.

    1. Thanks Mel. I tie a simplified version. If you can't tell, I omit the hackle. The trout don't seem to notice. They lie right in the film instead of riding in it. A little floatant goes a long way!

  2. I need to get back after making some trout flies, so tiny after working streamers. Kudos!

  3. I shot this video a while back. I think it's a size 16 in the video, I don't recall.