Saturday, April 27, 2013

Busy Times

I went fishing a few times in the past  couple weeks.  Last Sunday my car broke down in Oconomowoc while I was fishing out there.  At least I caught a fish -- it was a nice one too!  Rosenow Creek was really amazing Thursday and Friday. Thursday I just fished a little while waiting for the tow truck to meet me.  I caught two fish right away.

The colors on that first one are so rich, it looked more like a dolly varden or an arctic char or something.

I took my daughter with me yesterday so she could see some trout.  Of course, she fell asleep on my chest instantly while I hooked up with trout after trout on spinning tackle.  I didn't even keep count, that creek was full of trout.  Fresh green grass is starting to show around the creek, and weeds are starting to grow in the stream.  It will be overgrown and almost unfishable soon.

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