Friday, April 12, 2013

All This Rain

When I went out to Waukesha County today, I was sure I would leave my gear in the car because the streams were unfishable.  As I drove, all the streams I saw were flowing through the trees, showing no regard for Man's attempt to tame them.
I had to see though, what Rosenow Creek looked like.
I parked my car and walked the trail, totally expecting the creek to be flowing over the narrow bridge, but it wasn't.  It was high, but not that high. And it was as clear as the Milwaukee River on an average day, if not clearer.
I went back for my gear.
I went downstream first.  The area around the creek was really swampy, and the fishing was hard, much of the prime structure was unfishable.  I went back upstream and fished the other side of the trail.
I'm less familiar with this stretch, so I explored a little more.  I found a pond back in the overgrowth that I had no idea existed.  I walked upstream  past the overpass on the north side of the stream and took the south side back, fishing the structure and the rocky banks.

I was making single casts at each fishy looking location, casually fishing while walking back to the car.  Finally, despite the high water, the wind and the rain, a trout took my bugger.

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