Saturday, March 15, 2014

It Begins

It's been a few months again.  I have a place I call my own now, but it is far from where I want to be.  Things are continuously looking better in my future every day.  
This winter has been brutal!  I'd normally use the winter months to concentrate on tying, but I have not found time with my constantly evolving situation.  My stocks are low from last season, but I think I can manage to venture out soon.
I think I'm going to fish my favorite Waukesha County trout stream very soon.  They may be hard to find this time of year, but those wild brook trout are absolutely gorgeous!

My go-to streamer on Rosenow

Tony's first brookie

My first brookie

That is a beautiful fish


  1. Hey bud, i see you fish Rosenow alot. Ive been out once but no success. I would love to meet up and see how you fish this tiny brook trout stream

    1. Thanks for reading! the biggest factor on Rosenow seems to be timing. Early in the season, the fish are pretty hunkered down. I didn't even see a fish until my fourth time on the creek. As the temperature warms throughout the spring, you'll see more and more fish. Unfortunately, with the warmer weather, the stream gets overgrown quick by armpit high grass, the stream fills with weeds, and the mosquitoes will carry you away. Send an email to and we'll try to figure out a time to meet.

  2. Beautiful fish! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.