Monday, August 5, 2013

Rainy Day Redemption

It felt good to get out with my Little Cleo and hook some rainy day bass last Wednesday morning after the previous outing, The Skunkfest of '13.

Little Cleo made friends with some clams, she told them they were nice and petted them, then she told them bye-bye.

We only caught two fish and missed one other, but they were decent fish.  Considering the cloudy water and the swift current, I think we did ok.

Sunday evening we went out with spinning gear again.  We haven't really had a notable rainfall recently, but the water was still cloudy and a little high.  Sunday we caught half a dozen or so fish, and missed a few.  One was a really nice bass that left me with a totally ravaged curly tail grub when he threw the hook.  These are the nicest fish from sunday.

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