Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I guess this is my offseason...

I haven't fished in a few weeks.  I just got a third shift seasonal job at one of those big box stores--not Walmart, but a big box nonetheless.  And I also have a job interview for a phlebotomy position tomorrow.  It sure would be nice to get a job in my field, maybe I could afford a nicer fly rod!

I have certain things that I do when I'd like to be fishing.  I am currently playing through Final Fantasy VII (again) and reading a lot more.  I normally read science fiction or fantasy, but after reading through Isaac Asimov's entire Robot series and Empire series, I'm taking a Hemingway break before getting into the Foundation series again.  I read "In Our Time," and loved it.  Great short stories for trout fishermen.  Reading the Big Two-Hearted River stories made me miss living in Michigan.  I just started reading The Old Man and the Sea yesterday.  I'm about 1/2 way through and it's already one of my favorite stories.
"'Fish,' he said softly, aloud, 'I'll stay with you until I am dead.'
He'll stay with me too, I suppose, the old man thought and he waited for it to be light."
I'm so upset I never read Hemingway before.

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