Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keeping it Real With Artificials

Have you ever seen the film A River Runs Through It?  If you have, you must surely remember how the main characters looked down on bait fishing.  Don't worry, most people won't look down on you.  If you're happy catching your limit of bluegill on worms, then more power to ya!

Live bait can be extremely effective, and if you are just desperate to catch something, a worm on a hook under a Poké Ball float is the way to go.  But even the most hardened bait fisherman is bound to have some artificials in his tackle box.

There are many reasons to fish with artificial lures, they can be used to target specific species of fish, generally attract larger fish, and require you to be more involved because you need to make the lure appear to be alive and edible.  There are some places, usually trout streams, where fishing with live bait is actually illegal.

Lures come in so many forms that you can lose your head if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  The prices can range from under a dollar to upwards of ten or even twenty dollars!  However, there are some artificial lures that are super effective for many kinds of fish that are very reasonably priced.

For my next few posts I will discuss the three affordable lures that no fisherman should be without.  I will also share some techniques that I find particularly successful in specific situations.  

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