Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where Do I Even Begin? (part I)

Never fished a day in your life? No big deal.  There is some essential gear you are going to need.  There are three very different paths you can go down to get your gear.  The path of least resistance is to buy new gear.  The mid-resistance, less money option is used gear. Then there is the most rewarding, most challenging path, the free path! Today, let’s talk about the free route to getting started.
Chances are that you have a dad or grandpa that was an avid fisherman at some point. This person has acquired and hoarded way too much gear, trust me!  Start talking to this person about how you’d love to go fishing with them sometime but you don’t have a rod and things will probably fall into place; unless you really don’t want to go fishing with that person, then it’s time for a different approach.  
black and white of my dad starting up the Viking fishing boat
My dad and his old Viking fishing boat.
You can go visit dad and casually bring up that you want to take up fishing (again), but you don’t know what happened to your gear.  You can say, (over a beer [or three {and shots of whiskey}]) “hey dad, did I leave my fishing gear over here last time we went out?  I haven’t seen it in like fifteen years!”  Or, “didn’t you give me a fishing rod for my thirteenth birthday? I don’t think I ever even used it!”  He’ll start digging around in the garage, or basement, or whatever area he considers his man cave, and eventually he’ll come up with a rod that he’s not sure where it came from.  When he says, “Is this yours?” You should respond with “Well, I’m not sure, I don’t think so.  Damnit, what happened to my stuff?”  Then ask if it would be okay if you “borrowed” a rod.  If this works, you just got yourself a free fishing rod!  You could also ask about some tackle, just sayin’! 

If you have a dad like mine, he’s just waiting to get out on the water with you, and if you don’t have any gear, he’s gonna hook you up.  I cannot recall how many rods, nets, tackle boxes, and lures my dad has given me over the years.  The man just wants to take you out, and show you up.  Dad, you can show me up any day... except that one day when I caught that 31” salmon on your birthday, and... you didn’t go... because it was raining (damn it).

Dad catches the biggest bass.

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